2nd Salmon Immunology Seminar

The 2nd Salmon Immunology Seminar will be held at Teatro del Lago, Frutillar, Chile, on November 15th, with the opening remarks from Dr. Jorge Galindo-Villegas, President of the ISFSI.
It will focus on salmonid immunology and immunopathology. Researchers will discuss the importance of the interaction between fish and different pathogens, nutrition, microbiome, role of vaccines and immunomodulation, health, and immunity, among other issues of the salmon industry.

The event is sponsored by the International Society of Fish and Shellfish Immunology (ISFSI) together with the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service (SERNAPESCA), Salmon Technological Institute (INTESAL), the Association of Salmon Farmers of Magallanes, and Association of Veterinarians linked to Aquaculture (MEVEA).