Winners of 5 free online-tickets for the Salmon Immunology Seminar – Chile

Members of our society can participate for attractive discounts, free passes to attend seminars or workshops, and prizes offered by organizers of events that the society promotes.
This time, 5 free passes to attend online the “Salmon Immunology Seminar” organized by Pathovet, Chile were offered among our members on a first-come, first-served basis.
Here are the lucky winners:

Sarah Graff-Fraunhofer
Arbeitsgruppe Fischgesundheit und -welfare, Abteilung Aquakultur und Aquatische Ressourcen

Helena Marie Doherty Midtbø
University of Bergen

Suhee Hong
Aquatic Life Medicine Dept., Gangneung Wonju National University, Korea

Ruth Tamara Montero
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Byron Morales Lange
Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Congratulations and we hope you enjoy this fantastic seminar!